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Content that will make the entire Internet hear about You

If you need the services of content writing, whether in an electronic or printed form, the IT Usluge Olymp team is here to make it available for you. Our team of copywriters has proven itself on multiple occasions and is openly available to you if you require written marketing content. Our editors work relentlessly to make every text that leaves our "workshop" perfect.


Services you will have access to include:
  • Web site content writing (both promotional and/or informative),
  • Blog writing
  • Promotional e-mail writing
  • CV writing
  • Rewriting of previously written texts
  • Proofreading and editing of texts

All of our texts follow the latest  SEO trends and include any additional requirements that a client may have regarding formatting. (text and page formatting, adding multimedia content, keyword density optimization, etc.) SEO writing also includes adding keywords, optimization of text for natural implementation of keywords, as well as optimization of tags, headings and subheadings.

For clients who require promotional content for a new product, service or web site, the IT Olymp offers the service of ad, flyer, and promotional e-mail writing. Those who employed this service, recorded a rise in traffic and sales in just few months, which can be seen in numerous positive reviews given for our work.

Price and price forming for content writing services

It is important to note that content writing services provided by IT Olymp come in English and Serbian, and amount to $2.5 for 100 words for complete content writing, or $1.5 per 100 words for text rewriting. The service of rewriting is especially suitable for clients who wish to publish a story or information that has already been published, without the fear of breaking copyright laws (e.g. breaking news, refreshing old content, style improvement, SEO, etc.).

To use our services, contact us on: +381638952287 or visit us at freelancer.com, elance.com or upwork.com .