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Are you in need of translation for official documents? Or translation of medical documentation?

IT Usluge Olymp gathers a team of translators for all the major languages of the world. Aside from the experience gained from working for a number of years with clients from all over the world, the IT Olymp team is also the official translator for Serbian and Croatian languages for one of the worlds largest design competitors, the A’ Design Award & Competition.



Translation services we offer:
  • Translation of legal documentation
  • Translation of medical documentation
  • Translation of financial reports and documents
  • Translation of academic literature and texts
  • Translation of web content
  • Translation with court interpreter certification
  • Proofreading and editing of texts
Prices and price forming for translation purposes:

The price for translation services is formed according to the following factors: the amount and the complexity of the material and the urgency of the translation. These are the three most deciding factors, which determine the price of our services, since they determine the profile and the number of people needed for the project's successful and timely completion. The table below contains an excerpt of our price book.

Type of content Price
Academic literature, legal and medical translation $2.5
Web content, correspondence, movie, pop literature, etc. translation $1.5
Court interpreter certified translation $3
Proofreading and editing of content $1

*the price is represented as $/100 words

You can deliver your content in a way that suits You the best, and can expect a complete price evaluation in a matter of hours. The delivery of the translated material is free of charge and done in a way that suits you best.

Data privacy

Aside form high-quality translation, we at IT Olymp are very aware of the need for our client's data security. Whether it is medical reports or legal documentation, EVERY personal information is treated as confidential information. All personal names, personal data, company names and product names are considered a personal information. Due to the importance that information holds to our clients, we are developing additional measures and minimizing the amount of collaborators to ensure their protection.

To use our services, contact us on: +381638952287 or visit us at freelancer.com, elance.com or upwork.com .

We look forward to our collaboration!