How to Climb a Ladder in a Ranked Game

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Whether you play the League of Legends, Dota 2 or you got yourself hooked on something else the story is (more or less) the same. It all begins with your plan to have some fun, to crush some noobs and climb up the Ranked Ladder, but…The first round starts and after 30 minutes you are faced with bold, red letters on the screen, mocking you with the message “Defeat”. The second round – the same story. The third round – a little better, but in the end you still lose after a turn over and thus continue until you get up from the chair and leave the computer frustrated, cursing every ancestor of your teammates. “The team is bad, I can’t do anything about it”, are the words you are calming yourself with, and continue in an effort to break out of the “ELO Hell“, hoping that you’ll find a better team.


If you recognized yourself in the first few lines of this text, here comes the ugly truth: “no matter how bad your team is, you are as bad as them, or even worse”. For all those who are able to handle criticism and didn’t stop reading this, here comes an explanation and (hopefully) the cure. Let’s think logically; consider the fact that besides you, there are 4 other players on the team, but you aren’t the one who consistently makes mistakes. What are the odds of you losing after 4-5 consecutive games? Very small, so there must be something that causes defeat just in your rounds, while the other players climb up the ladder without any problems. If you got the catch, keep reading.

Since we established the root of the problem, let’s try to fix it. The first thing you need to do in order to improve your ranking is find where you were wrong. Now, many will tell you to re-watch your gameplay to spot errors, but that isn’t a good solution. If you are the one who first made the mistake, you will not understand it if you see it again, because if you had known what the mistake was, you wouldn’t have made it in the first place. Therefore, you should download some comments on your game, get some beer and popcorn and grab someone who is better than you to watch the game with, providing that he won’t mess with you for being a noob. There is a big chance that someone else might be able to spot your mistakes much easier. The better the player, the higher are the chances that he will present you more details about your mistakes.

After you discover your weaknesses, you should try to correct them. The key is to work on one thing at the time. Let’s say that dying too often is a problem, and that you’re bad at farming. Let’s start with the dying part. Make sure not to die in the next game. It does not matter if you miss 4 killings or you won’t push your lane, the essential thing is to finish the game without dying; if it means that you won’t have any killings, so be it. For starters, you won’t give an advantage to the opponent, and standoff is better than defeat. After that you can continue working on the next problem, until you start to climb up again.

The second thing is – do not feed the troll at any cost. It means, if someone starts to argue with you, just ignore him. If you can’t control the urge to reply, remember your good friend, the “Mute” button. If your teammate didn’t insult you, you have nothing to be angry about, but if you see that the whole team started to argue, just mute them and you have one less thing to distract you while you play the game. After that, the only thing left for you to do is not to start a verbal fight and you’re good to go. If you think that you know you are right, and that a teammate made the mistake, it’s better to spend the next  few minutes focusing on mistakes you are making than arguing with another teammate about his. Why would you try to solve both your and his problems?

Once you have made sure that your gameplay does not endanger the team and that communication runs properly, the only thing you can do is play. No one became a professional player overnight, and neither will you. If you want to get good results it is important to exercise, but it does not mean to start a game with no desire to play. It is better to play one game a day where you will devote 100% of your attention than to play mindlessly game after game, when your concentration declines. If you see that you have lost two rounds in a row, the smart thing would be to rest 15-20 minutes, drink some water, take a walk, do some pushups to improve your blood flow and then try again after you have cleared your thoughts.

And remember that there is always room for improvement; otherwise the game would not be interesting


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