Horrible Histories – TV show

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Once upon a time, on Serbian television, there was a quality television program. Shows like unsurpassed Opstanak (Survival), Kockica and similar educational and entertainment shows for children. In a vast sea of ​​bad, scandal-hungry TV program that offends viewers, a few years ago a British children’s program about history appeared.

Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories was a TV show based on Terry Deary’s book series, with a somewhat unusual view of history. The series dealt with some events from the history, details from the lives of famous historical figures, but it also mentioned some lesser-known or unjustly forgotten people who have left their mark on society in this way or another. Especially interesting was their overview of everyday life during different historical eras, often depicted with a touch of humor, but also grotesque.

Horrible Histories 2

Horrible Histories TV series tended to increase viewers’ interest in history, manly amongst the children. An exquisite cast with comic sketches in Monty Python’s style contributed a great deal to show’s popularity. After a good reception by the audience and critics, creators also made a version adjusted to adult viewers  with Stephen Fry as host, replacing the former narrator – a moppet rat named Ratus Ratus.

I hope that the following excerpts from the series will encourage you to watch this show (if you haven’t seen it before). You can send us your suggestions for some not-so-popular TV series, but certainly worthy of your time.


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