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Everyone who works as a freelancer knows about the numerous problems that exist on freelancer websites. Most of the people have used various extensions to fix bugs or bring platform functionality to completion.

Amongst Chrome extensions, there is one that should work as this one, created by IT Olymp. We used that extension earlier as well, but it stopped working due to website maintenance, so we decided to fill this gap and publish something similar.

This extension has only a few, but important functions:

  1. It shows the username of the employer, who placed the project and it shows the link to his profile
  2. It adds a button that helps show the employer`s profile – “Employer view”
  3. It disables pop - ups like those black windows with newly published project descriptions, that can be a real obstacle, especially while taking tests.

Screen 1 screen 2

The extension is free and we will do our best to keep it functioning, even after changes were made to

We would also like to announce our desktop app, which is still under construction, but we hope we`ll publish it soon.

This app checks all published projects on and and sorts out the projects, that satisfy every criteria assigned by the employer. Every project data is being saved in a database on the user`s computer, so he or she can check them quickly and locally, and find those, which he or she wants to bid on.

IT Olymp has been using this app for about a year now, and has been testing it and improving it every day. This way, we are avoiding false projects, projects from employers we don`t want to cooperate with, etc.

Keep following our website and start using our desktop app as soon as it gets published.

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