20 Funny Christmass Photos

Not many people fail to succeed in decorating their homes and preparing everything for holidays and here is the collection of 20 funny Christmas photos of people who failed. 1.

10 Crazy Christmas Facts

To most people, Christmas is about family, good food, presents and a few other staples that mark this holiday. Initially, the day was marked to celebrate the birth of Christ, although, as time passed by a mixture of both religious and secular traditions immerged, which became a very normal part of Christmas. The following is […]

Horrible Histories – TV show

Once upon a time, on Serbian television, there was a quality television program. Shows like unsurpassed Opstanak (Survival), Kockica and similar educational and entertainment shows for children. In a vast sea of ​​bad, scandal-hungry TV program that offends viewers, a few years ago a British children’s program about history appeared. Horrible Histories Horrible Histories was […]

10 Video Game Plot Twists That Had Us Go ‘NOWAI!’

There inevitably comes a time in every gamer’s life where he or she, after yet another finished ‘AAA’ title, stops and wonders to themselves ‘what was actually the plot of this game?’ Since all gaming companies seem to care about today is who will make more money, the really memorable games have started to slowly […]

How to Climb a Ladder in a Ranked Game

Whether you play the League of Legends, Dota 2 or you got yourself hooked on something else the story is (more or less) the same. It all begins with your plan to have some fun, to crush some noobs and climb up the Ranked Ladder, but…The first round starts and after 30 minutes you are […]

10 Wondrous Complexities of a Human Being

Human beings are amazingly interesting and complex species. Unlike animals and plants —not that those aren’t beautiful and complex in their own way — humans are far more intricate when it comes to their physiology and psyche. Scientists have tried to come to the bottom of some of the mysteries we humans entail, and have […]

How to Become a Freelancer

Work from home, over the internet A very popular theme worldwide. Sounds terrific – no boss, you decide when and whom you work for and you chose your own rates. Dream job! You surely read or heard about the glories of this type of work. Is it really so? Is there another side to this […]