10 Wondrous Complexities of a Human Being

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Human beings are amazingly interesting and complex species. Unlike animals and plants —not that those aren’t beautiful and complex in their own way — humans are far more intricate when it comes to their physiology and psyche. Scientists have tried to come to the bottom of some of the mysteries we humans entail, and have conducted scrutinizing studies for centuries; some of them resulting in logical explanations, but many other scientific efforts were of little or no avail.

The following is some of today’s mind-boggling and fascinating facts about our mysterious construction.

1. The Miracle of Laughter

1Laughter is such a simple and ordinary act, yet seldom do we ask ourselves what it really is, and why we have the ability to laugh. Unlike other known species to man, humans are able to express a sense of happiness, joyfulness, generally a positive emotion through laughter. From a physiological standpoint, laughter is a reaction to humor resulting in a set of gestures and sounds. However, contrary to popular belief, that is not the main or only explanation as to why we laugh. Human laughter is actually about our relationships with others. Our ‘ha, ha-s’ seem to serve as a social glue, which is preformed subconsciously. Genuine laughter cannot be controlled. That is why some find it hard to laugh on command or suppress genuine laughter. As the brain responds to the outside circumstances that bring about laughter, consciously or subconsciously, it activates the majority of our facial, vocal and other muscles in our body, but the mystery lies in the reason, which nobody has been able to discover. What takes place in the brain, chemically, psychologically and neurologically; or better yet, what exactly triggers all these processes to create that sense of relief, joy and all other emotions linked to laugher, are only some of the questions related to this phenomenon that still have no satisfying answers. So, next time you laugh, take the time to think about the intricate miracle of it.


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