10 Video Game Plot Twists That Had Us Go ‘NOWAI!’

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There inevitably comes a time in every gamer’s life where he or she, after yet another finished ‘AAA’ title, stops and wonders to themselves ‘what was actually the plot of this game?’ Since all gaming companies seem to care about today is who will make more money, the really memorable games have started to slowly fade from existence. So let us take the time to show appreciation for the veterans of the video game world, whose mind-bending plot twists have left our brains short-circuited and our jaws unhinged.

10. Girls in Games, Go Figure (Metroid)

10Depending on your age you may or may not have had a chance to play the original Metroid upon its release. The game was met with a hugely positive reaction and the space-pirate-killing, alien-world-exploring, definitely-male protagonist was probably the least noticeable aspect of it. That is, until the game-changing (pun intended) reveal that left everybody questioning whether they will ever be able to believe in something again. You might think that the whole ‘girl gamers are a myth’ thing is just an overreaction, but at that time this plot twist was so controversial for some reason that many people expected a ‘dividing-by-zero world-ending paradox’ scenario to unfold shortly after. And yet, here we are.


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