10 Musicians Played During Killings

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1. Clint Mansell

You probably remember this song if you’ve watched Darren Aronofsky’s “Requiem for a Dream” since this piece of art is the soundtrack of that movie. But if you haven’t, this is a unique opportunity to listen to it, even though the circumstances are a bit weird. Namely, Norwegian extremist Anders Behring Breivik was listening to this composition on his iPod while he was committing a mass murder of shooting young people at a summer camp. In an interview he has given to the local papers, he described the composition as very powerful one as it helped him suppress his fears. Allegedly, he turned the volume to the maximum while he was murdering those innocent people. According to him, Lux Aeterna “turns you into an extremely focused and deadly force, a one-man-army”.


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