10 Crazy Christmas Facts

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To most people, Christmas is about family, good food, presents and a few other staples that mark this holiday. Initially, the day was marked to celebrate the birth of Christ, although, as time passed by a mixture of both religious and secular traditions immerged, which became a very normal part of Christmas. The following is a list of unusual facts about Christmas, its traditions, a few origins and perhaps some myths that many who celebrate it possibly never even heard about.

1. The Tree

1Most of us get excited about the Christmas tree weeks before Christmas would even knock on our doors. Pulling out the decorations and letting the fresh smell of pine fill the room definitely brings on the beginnings of Christmas cheer. However, a little known fact is that the tree was originally used as a symbol of life by the Romans to decorate their houses. This tradition was deprecated by the religious leaders of the time, for in their eyes it resembled worship of pagan gods. It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that the Christian missionaries took on a more lenient approach towards this tradition and came to believe that it can actually symbolize Christ’s lordship. Thus, throughout the years, it still remains one of Christmas’ most favored emblem. However, like a myriad of other things in history, the Christmas tree has also undergone a few changes. Nowadays, many families often opt for a fake or plastic Christmas tree, just to keep things simple, practical, and more affordable. The oldest artificial Christmas tree was first made in 1886 and was made out of toilet brushes. Naturally, the fresh pine smell was not to be expected, but nonetheless, it served its purpose as a Christmas centerpiece.


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