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Whether you need the transcription of a legal processes, a hearing, or a radio show, you've come to the right place!

High-quality transcription service was never more affordable or accessible.


Which content is suitable for transcription?

Most simply put - we can transcribe anything that produces sound. We offer transcription services for the following  content and languages:

  • legal processes/records/meetings/hearings
  • seminars/webinars/shows/speeches/lectures
  • interviews/dictated notes and instructions
  • advertisements/weddings (yes, that too 🙂 )/movies
  • Transcription of content in all major languages worldwide
Price and price forming for transcription services

The price for transcription services depends highly upon four factors:

  • the quality of audio/video recording
  • the number of speakers
  • the urgency of transcription
  • the language of audio/video

Even though we at IT Olymp try to keep our prices competitive and equal regardless of the nature of the content, it is clear that all four factors that are mentioned above demand additional time and effort. It is for this reason that we offer you the price for basic transcription (which is the most common case) of $0.7 per audio/video minute, where the basic transcription service includes:

  • 1-3 speakers
  • The quality of audio/video - good or excellent
  • Deadline for transcription delivery - up to 72 hours from receiving content
  • Transcription in Serbian or English language

In case your content is more demanding - goes outside of the basic transcription service, a 25% is added to the price for every factor that adds complexity. Regarding the language of the transcription, IT Olymp offers transcription in any of the major languages worldwide. However, due to additional languages, meaning additional contributors, the language of transcription is added to the list of factors that increase the price. English and Serbian languages are included in the basic transcription service. This way you can evaluate the price of our service on your own. 

What can you expect

Not everyone needs the literal transcription. Literal transcription includes all the sighs, bywords, incorrectly spoken words and sentences, etc. In case you are planning to publish your transcription text in the newspaper or your site/blog, you can demand an enhanced transcription text  (where the bywords, repeated words, incorrect words and sentences , etc. will be removed). Whether you need literal transcription or enhanced transcription text, the IT Olymp team takes extra measures to proofread every text in detail. This service is of course, included in the price and is not charged extra, and you will get up to 99.9% correct text.

Data privacy

Aside from guaranteeing data privacy, of all our clients, including all personal names, personal information, company names, product names, etc. we are very aware of of the need for copyright protection, especially when it comes to unpublished content (interviews/seminars/movies) or classified data, like hearings legal processes, etc. We at IT Olymp work endlessly to develop new ways to secure our clients' data. It is for this reason that we NEVER reveal classified information completely, even to our experienced and trusted transcribers. The classified data is split into multiple pieces and persons, so that nobody has a complete picture of the content, or a way to compromise it.

To use our services, contact us on: +381638952287 or visit us at freelancer.com, elance.com or upwork.com .

Your audio/video content is safe with us.