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Do you need a large quantity of content in a short period of time?

Article spinning represents a technique that many web site owners around the world employ to acquire a large quantity of unique content for the use in SEO and social media distribution.


The process is done in multiple stages done to a previously written text. The first phase consists of rewriting every sentence, heading and subheading as many times as the client  specifies. After that synonyms are found and listed for every word and phrase in the text . This creates multiple combinations of sentences and words giving a large quantity of unique content from just one text.

Unlike many other companies which do their spinning automatically, making their content unreadable and grammatically incorrect, IT Olymp team does all spinning manually, paying particular attention to legibility of the text as well as its SEO value. All our spun content achieves at least 85% uniqueness and oftentimes goes beyond 90%, which means that you do not need to worry about breaking any copyright laws or Googel Duplicate Content.

Price and price building for spinning services

The basic spinning service costs $6/100 words and includes:

  • Heading rewriting - 4 times,
  • Subheading rewriting - 2 times,
  • Rewriting of every sentence in the text - 2 times
  • Finding up to 3 synonyms for every word in the content (original and rewritten)

In case the client requires the expansion of the basic service the following prices apply:

Additional heading rewriting $5/5 additional headings
Additional subheading rewriting $5/5 additional subheadings (for every subheading in the text)
Additional sentence rewriting $1/100 words (1 additional sentence)
Additional synonyms (over 3) $10/ text

IT Olymp offers a special 20% discount for the services of spinning if the client orders content writing from us as well.

To employ the services of IT Olymp team, contact us on: +381638952287 or visit us at freelancer.com, elance.com or upwork.com .